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May 19 2011

Plastic Blowing in the Wind

So I went to the landfill the other day to dispose of a non-recyclable item on a day when the wind was going 80 kilometer per hour. I was absolutely shocked to see thousands of plastic bags hanging on the fence along with the thousands more that were airborne and heading that way.  You have been there!  You have seen it!!

Plastic bags are very much a recyclable item.  My goodness, when are we going to realize that we need to do something about this!

The thing is, It's so easy!!!  SAVE IT!  DELIVER IT!  SIGNUP!!  Pick one!!  Please just do not put them in the garbage bin.

A friend of mine was telling me the other day that he couldn't get his kids to recycle.  I sympathized with him and said: "You know, I do believe that the children should learn how to recycle at home".  As my buddy Jeff always says: "Let's have some fun with this"; how about starting a contest with some friends by seeing how many plastic bags you can put into an ordinary grocery bag or my favourite, how many yogurt containers can you can put in a grocery bag?  We'll leave the prizes up to Mom and Dad.