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Aug 29 2011


Vern is his name.  A real likeable guy.

According to his supervisor Kelly, Vern is an extremely dedicated employee who thrives on getting the job done correctly and on time.

You see, Vern is one of many employees at Crown Shred & Recycling Inc. who takes pride in his work.  He loads anywhere between 5 to 7 semi-trailers a day with marketable recycled paper, cardboard or plastic.  These loads are destined for mills anywhere in North America depending on the commodity.  Vern has to pay particular attention to how the material is loaded, making sure the trailer is not over-weight or that the material has been properly prepared.

In addition, Vern also unloads several semi-trailers a week arriving from various recycling plants throughout Saskatchewan as well as our own trucks on a daily basis.

In preparation for all this shipping, Vern must separate all the different bales.  He must then de-palletize those bales that come on pallets and weigh each bale before it's loaded.

Vern is also responsible for inventory control of all our bales so you can see he is one busy guy.  He ships approximately 8 different commodities to various mills.

Vern likes to be busy so when the opportunity presents itself, he will work through breaks just to get the semi drivers on the road.

WOW!!  What a guy!!