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Nov 07 2011

Environmentally Friendly Toy

So, my 21 month old nephew likes to stack things. It could be rolls of paper towel or toilet paper, or him on top of the cats, but he likes to stack. So my mom being the one to not disappoint her only grandchild heads to Toys “R” Us last Friday to find some blocks. I don’t find out about this until my nephew and I get to my mother’s Friday and she asks me to get something she bought for E out of the trunk. I got super excited when I saw the stackable blocks and then a little pre-exhausted when I realized they were like bankers’ boxes and we had to assemble them ourselves. It was fun though, because as we made the blocks E started to play and loved every minute of it.

But now, to the reason for this blog and how it’s relevant to Crown Shred & Recycling…everything about the toy is recyclable. I felt like a super nerd for getting so excited, but I told my mom right away what a great blog it would be to pump the tires of Melissa & Doug for making the toy and Toys "R" Us for selling it. My mom and I finished putting the blocks together and I was cleaning up and it just hit me that everything went into the blue bins in the basement. No waste. The blocks themselves are made of cardboard which is recyclable, the plastic wrap the unassembled blocks were wrapped in is recyclable, the 1 sheet of paper the instructions came on is recyclable and of course the box everything came in is recyclable. So basically what I’m saying is good job! That is definitely one toy I am proud of my mom for purchasing. Its hours of fun, they are said to last a long time as they are durable and they won’t clutter up the landfill when my step-dad, "I mean nephew", gets too old for them! Click here for the link to the blocks on the Toys “R” Us website because as we are all well aware, Christmas is coming. Happy shopping everyone!