CSR Administrator

CSR Administrator

Jul 18 2019

Contact Rick Haddad, Jackie Huculak, or Craig McGillivray for more details on these recycling products:

Recycle & Waste Baskets
Deskside Recycling Bin
Jul 18 2019

Brokerage Services

The Crown Shred and Recycling Brokerage Division is operated out of our Regina office.

Jack Shaw and Darlene Geleta are experienced in the recycling industry. Collectively we have over 27 years of experience in brokerage, operations, and processing. We understand your needs!

At CSR we have a strong knowledge of the paper and plastic recycling industry. We are in constant contact with our customers, collecting information to help us purchase and market the highest quality materials at the best value. Our customer base includes 12 domestic end users giving us a broad scope of the market place. Materials are sold in the Pacific Northwest and the Chicago Markets.

Our supplier base includes companies in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Currently we are marketing over 1500 tons per month of material for these suppliers.

Crown Shred & Recycling Inc. provides brokerage service to other recycling operations in Saskatchewan. We will buy your material at your door or delivered to the Plant in Regina.

  • Top prices paid for all commodities
  • Easy trucking arrangements
  • Accepts mixed loads of material
  • Will accept baled plastic
  • Material can be delivered to Prince Albert or Regina locations.

Call our office for more details 306-545-5454 or toll free @ 1-877-545-5999

Crown Shred and Recycling is constantly expanding our brokerage relationships and searching out new opportunities for our customers and suppliers. Our accounting department processes all brokerage transactions for accurate and timely payment to suppliers. If you would like to work with a team of professionals to obtain consistent movement of your material, at the best value coupled with timely payment, please contact Crown Shred and Recycling Inc.

Darlene Geleta

Office: 306.949.4459
Fax: 306.949.4457
Email: Darlene

Jul 18 2019

All destruction can be completed to a level of “SECRET”,and we are a proud member of NAID. With our collection services you can choose from a pickup every day, up to every 4 weeks,or just simply call in when needed. Our collection services also include:

  • Secure containers to hold and transport your confidential material
  • Secure trucks and security cleared drivers to transport your material
  • All material destroyed within a 24 period
  • If you have 1 box/bag or 5000, our pick up service can handle any job
  • Federally approved handling facility
  • Federally approved employees
  • HIPA compliant
  • A “Certificate of Destruction” is issued for your records
Jul 18 2019


Come work for Crown Shred & Recycling Inc.! From time to time we have job openings in various locations within our company.

There are currently no openings available. Please check back later.


Jul 18 2019

Residential FAQs

Are Tetra Paks recyclable?
Yes, Tetra Paks of all sizes such as soup containers, juices boxes and broth containers are all recyclable.

What route am I on?
Please visit our Route Calendar page to view our new maps and calendars to help select your location.

Are the fees listed an annual charge?
Yes, all fees listed in the Residential Services tab are prepaid annual charges.

Can I put confidential documents in my recycle bins for destruction?
No, your items that you place in your curbside bins are not secured and are for recycling only. We prefer that you drop off your documents at our plant in Regina at 225 – 6th Avenue East or call us for a pickup by one of our locked commercial trucks. Our commercial service is province-wide.

Will you recycle shredded paper?
Yes, we will.Please place in bags or boxes for containment.

Do you recycle hardcover books?
Yes we do, but we ask our customers to remove the hardcover before putting the book in the recycle bin or bag. Soft cover books are recyclable.

Are you limited to two bins?
In Regina and area you are not limited to two bins. You can use cardboard boxes or garbage bags for anything extra. You can also use your own containers providing they are clearly marked as not to be picked up for recycling.

In Moose Jaw, we do not allow items to be placed alongside the bins as the containers are picked up mechanically. Extra bins are available for an additional rental fee.  Please call Gloria at 306-543-5961 or for out-of-town call 888-727-6960 for additional information.

In Prince Albert, you are able to use plastic bags to place any extra plastic alongside the bins if they are full.

Can I purchase extra bins?
In Regina & area and Prince Albert you are able to purchase extra bins for $18.00 each.  In Moose Jaw you are only allowed to rent extra bins as per arrangements discussed earlier in this FAQ.

I understand that the City of Regina is going to mandatory curbside recycling in July of 2013. How will this affect my service when my subscription becomes due?
Your service will not be disrupted. We will pro-rate your subscription fees to coincide with the city taking over the collection of your recyclable waste. We will announce the transition date in your area when it becomes known to us.

Jul 18 2019


CSR is proud of its standing in the community. The company is active in a number of organizations including the Regina Chamber of Commerce, Better Business Bureau, National Association of Information Destruction (NAID), Regina Home Builders Association, Saskatchewan Waste reduction Council, Canadian Condominium Institute (Southern Sask chapter) and the Canadian Federation of Independent Business.

We believe strongly that our future is dependent on the health and sustainability of the communities we operate in and that we will contribute to this vitality and growth by being a good corporate citizen.

Jul 18 2019

About Crown Shred & Recycling

About Crown Shred and REcycling Inc.

Crown Shred and Recycling Inc. is Regina and Saskatchewan's first & foremost recycling center.The company is an independently Saskatchewan owned collector, processor and marketer of recyclable material that is produced by municipal recycling programs, commercial establishments, industrial institutions and individual residents. Through our Residential Curbside Program, Office Recycling & Document Destruction Service and our Brokerage Service we collect, process & ship all grades of paper, cardboard, plastics & tin.

Crown Shred & Recycling Inc. was established in 1988 & has been locally owned & operated since 1998. The company has seen considerable growth, processing an estimated 3500 tonnes of material each month! Crown Shred & Recycling Inc. operates out of Regina servicing all of southern Saskatchewan, with a location in Prince Albert as well.

Crown Shred & Recycling Inc. is dedicated to the continuous effort of reducing the quantity of recyclable material from your waste stream. We pledge to provide exceptional and reliable service while expanding our role in the recycling industry to meet our customers recycling needs.

We pride ourselves with the best customer service in the industry. If you need Office Recycling, Confidential Document Destruction, Media Destruction, Residential Recycling, Brokerage Service or want to drop off your material, we can accomodate your needs.

Jul 18 2019
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Saskatchewan's Recycling experts

Crown Shred and Recycling Inc. is Regina and Saskatchewan's first & foremost recycling center.The company is an independently Saskatchewan owned collector, processor and marketer of recyclable material.

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Residential services include recycling of:
  • Newspaper, junkmail & flyers
  • Cardboard & cereal box type materials
  • Gift wrap and packing paper
  • Magazines, phone books
  • Any fibre type material
  • Tin cans & aluminum containers
  • Household Plastics (some restrictions apply)
  • Apartment/Condominium Recycling
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Confidential commercial services include:
  • Document Destruction
  • Office Recycling
  • Media Destruction
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Crown Shred & Recycling has over 20 years of brokerage experience, operations and processing.