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Plastic fence posts are very reliable when used in wet conditions around swamps, creeks, rivers, alkali flats and sloughs. Plastic does not erode or deteriorate over time making it the likely choice for Saskatchewan wetlands.  


  • 6" x 6" x 72" - Chaffered Top
  • Available Square or Round.
  • With or without dado aesthetics
  • With or without predrilled chain channelling


  • 4” x 84” POINTED
  • 4” x 96” BLUNT
  • 6” x 84” POINTED


  • 6’’x 6’’x 72’’ barrier posts - $33.00 per
  • 4’’ x 72’’ pointed round posts - $15.50 per
  • 4’’ x 84’’ pointed round posts – $17.00 per
  • 5’’ x 96’’ blunt round posts - $32.00 per
  • 6’’ x 6’’ x 144’’ timber - $85.00 per


  • 1”x4”x8’ board: $12.00 per board
  • 2”x8”x8’ board: $27.00 per board
  • 4”x4”x8’ post: $32.00 per post
  • 6”x6”x6’ barrier post: $45.00 per post

The Light weight of the "Poly-Curb" allows quick and easy installation without need for heavy equipment.

The solid plastic construction is tough. It will not chip, crack, spall or splinter. Secured with 3/8" (10mm) x 12" hot galvanized spike. Counter sunk recess to retain curb in place.

For permanent or temporary use, the Poly-Curb is the solid choice for new and refitted parking applications alike.

Solid colour grey or black with or without yellow or blue stripe.

Price per curb: $42.00 (+tax)

poly curb sizing pricing