Jul 18 2019

Will my vinyl siding installer dispose of my existing siding for me?

Yes he will. The question is how will he dispose of it and where will he dispose of it and at what cost? The fee will be invisible in the cost of your project or he will say: "If you want us to dispose of it then it will cost you X amount to get rid of your old siding".

Don't expect your vinyl installer to take the siding to a recycler.They are thinking about costs and so will not probably do it. There are two ways to make sure your siding is recycled. One way is to take it to a recycler yourself or another way is to call your local recycler and they will pick it up for a service fee. By the way, this fee will be much cheaper than transportation, bin rental and landfill charges.

If you are looking for a vinyl recycler in southern Saskatchewan please contact Crown Shred & Recycling Inc. at www.crownshredandrecycling.com 

Jul 18 2019

Many companies have taken several steps to reduce the environmental impact of packaging materials.

Here are three key areas that you can work on that will impact the environment.

First of all, the toughest thing is to reduce the amount of packaging materials used in the shipping of your products.  It takes great ingenuity to make this happen.

Secondly, try to use recycled fiber whenever it's possible.  This reduces the amount of chemicals used in the manufacturing of raw materials.  You will see on the attached image that a trailer of baled cardboard is being loaded to be sent to a re-pulping plant to make more cardboard.

And thirdly, if it is not possible to use recycled fiber then we must ensure that pulp-based packaging is used in a continual basis.  If at all possible please use suppliers who are not involved in deforestation.

Our intent here is to inform the reader about how to reduce packaging materials in your everyday shipping needs.  Please contact your local recycler for more information.  In the Province of Saskatchewan please contact Crown Shred & Recycling at www.crownshredandrecycling.com.