Jul 17 2019

In our industry the one constant we can always count on is the amount of recyclables being brought to our door.  There really isn't a slow time of year, but there are peaks around Christmas and the fall season.  We usually have between 15 - 25 trucks delivering loose material each day Monday to Saturday. 

Cory says: "We could have a truck rodeo in our yard some days!"

 Our yard is a busy place and sometimes room is scarce but we always find a way to handle all the trucks . The ability of our people is the key.

Most of the material brought in goes over our sortline and all the material goes through our baler.  We average about 2700 bales a month with each bale averaging 1200 lbs.  That is alot of material that goes through our facility. 

Vern, The Master Shipper, says that he loads those bales before the wire is even tight!!!

Jul 17 2019
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Saskatchewan's Recycling experts

Crown Shred and Recycling Inc. is Regina and Saskatchewan's first & foremost recycling center.The company is an independently Saskatchewan owned collector, processor and marketer of recyclable material.

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Residential services include recycling of:
  • Newspaper, junkmail & flyers
  • Cardboard & cereal box type materials
  • Gift wrap and packing paper
  • Magazines, phone books
  • Any fibre type material
  • Tin cans & aluminum containers
  • Household Plastics (some restrictions apply)
  • Apartment/Condominium Recycling
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Confidential commercial services include:
  • Document Destruction
  • Office Recycling
  • Media Destruction
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Crown Shred & Recycling has over 20 years of brokerage experience, operations and processing.