Jul 18 2019

Our household of four recently switched to the curbside garbage collection as mandated by the City of Regina.  As we are staunch recyclers with the Crown Shred & Recycling Curbside program, we determined that switching from a back lane large garbage container to a 95 gallon Rolling Bin was no big deal.

So it's been two weeks of curbside garbage collection and we have had a total of four bags of garbage.  I looked in the bin this morning as I rolled it out to the curb and in it was only one bag of garbage.  AMAZING!!!  Remember, four adults in the household generated only one bag of garbage this week!

Now, we are fortunate that we have a small garden so we are able to compost our fruit and vegetable waste.  We have mulched our grass clippings for years so we are not faced with bags and bags of grass and leaf clippings.

I presume that we will have to at some point in time hire someone to remove old furniture or some other debri, but there is a "Good News" story for anyone who is faced with an overflowing rolling bin of garbage each week.  The solution is so simple.  Please call the folks at Crown Shred & Recycling and let them make your life easier.  It is a known fact that they can reduce your household waste by 85%.  That's big when you now only have a small rolling bin to discard your garbage.

You are on the website now.  Go to the "Our Services" link to gather more information or call Gloria at 306-543-5961.