Jul 18 2019

When you look around at your family, your friends or teenage children, they are all either texting or on facebook or communicating on twitter and you know things have changed.  If we are to communicate with our youth today this is the way to go.  These people are going to be the purchasing agents of the future so let's make the changes now.

We at Crown Shred & Recycling needed some upgrading on our website.  Our very capable web designer, Justin@dryfive.com suggested that while making all these changes that we link in Facebook and Twitter and also create a blog.

Management at Crown Shred & Recycling decided we needed to get some professional help.  No, not the psychiatric kind but a social media expert.  We contacted Trent Fraser of www.FraserStrategy.ca to help us along and he got us hooked up with Jeff Maystruck of www.JephMaystruck.com and the rest is history.  "Jeff, your the best!".

Today, we are learning the techniques on how to write blogs as well as communicating on Facebook and Twitter.  We have set up a team consisting of Jenese on Facebook, Cory on Twitter and myself on blogs.  We have become very disciplined on the amount of time spent on research on all facets and is working out very well.  Jeff continues to coach us along with regularly scheduled meetings.

We are starting to see some positive results on all facets of our program on Google Analytics.  We are excited!!  Stay tuned for further updates.