Jul 18 2019

I ran into some friends of mine the other day.  Mary and Chris said that they read my blogs all the time but were interested in the shredding and recycling of electronic media but couldn’t find any information about it.  I explained to them the processes that we use and we talked about what items we could shred.  Some of the items were recyclable but it really depended on what materials that were involved.

I thought they had some really good questions and I suggested to them that I would write a blog about this.

So Mary and Chris, this blog is for you!!!

I know that there are many of you who have the same questions.  We can shred almost anything that is deemed confidential.  Items such as CDs, DVDs, cassette tapes, micro fiche and data tapes are easily destroyed.

We can also shred cell phones, BlackBerry smartphones, fax machines, computer hard drives, complete computers and industrial hard drives.  Some of these items have recyclable materials in them and are recycled if possible.

Our Sales Team have had some odd requests.  We have shredded things like flak jackets, tasers, shoes, knives, breast prostheses, and false teeth impressions.  So as you can see we shred almost anything.

One of our main functions at Crown Shred & Recycling is confidential document destruction.  We are able to destroy all forms of paper in addition to all our electronic media.

If there are some items that you wish to have destroyed , please contact our Commercial Sales department and they will be able to help you.  They can be contacted on this website at www.crownshredandrecycling.com.

Jul 18 2019

Did you know you can recycle electronic items like computers?  Sarcan takes them, so don’t take them to the dump.


Did you know you can recycle ink cartridges?  Yep, you can take them back to Island Ink-Jet and they will reuse the cartridges whenever they can or Staples has an Ink and Toner Program too.


Did you know you can recycle the tabs from pop and beer cans?  Absolutely!!  They make wheelchairs.  Wheelchairs!!!  So set up a container on your fridge or by the bag you put your cans in and spend an extra couple minutes and save your tabs!  You’re not only helping the environment, you’re helping a person in need.


Did you know you can recycle paint cans?  Sarcan takes those too!