Jul 18 2019
It is important for everyone to have an understanding of what items in your home are recyclable. Below you will find a list of those items by area of your home so that it will be easy for you to gather up these items on recycle day. If you have questions, please checkout this website at www.crownshredandrecycling.com
The Laundry Room
*Bleach bottles *Laundry soap containers *Spot remover bottles *Plastic hangers *Dry cleaning plastic bags *Plastic Laundry baskets *Fabric sheet box * Fabric softener bottles, *Softener Salt bags
* Metal hangers
The Bathroom
* Tissue boxes *Toilet paper cores *Q-tip box *Soap boxes
*Shampoo bottles *Body wash bottles *Conditioner bottles * Plastic Hair spray bottles ( No Pumps ) *Plastic shaving containers  *Hand lotion bottles (No pumps) *Mouth wash bottle *deodorant container (actual deodorant removed)
The Kitchen
* Milk cartons *Creamer cartons *Paper egg cartons *Cereal boxes *Junk mail *Magazines *Newspaper *Pizza boxes – unsoiled *Juice Tetras *Soup and broth Tetras *Pet food bags ( Paper)
*Milk Jugs *Creamer bottles *Juice bottles *Yogurt containers *Salad dressing containers *Plastic bags inside cereal and cracker boxes *Plastic cookie and muffin containers *Plastic grocery bags *condiment bottles *Vinegar jugs *Pet food bags ( Plastic ) *Clean food wrap *cereal bags *Rice and pasta bags *Bubble wrap *Shrink wrap ( Off of bottled water/soup )
*Soup cans *Vegetable cans *Pet food cans *Aluminum and tin cans *Pie tins *Juice cans *
*Glass jars and bottles (Some restrictions apply)
The Den
*Office Paper *Catalogues *Phone Books *Sticky notes *Scrap paper
*Plastic wrappers
The Garage
* Cardboard boxes flattened *Paper bags
*Plastic bags *Plastic wrapping *windshield washer bottles *
Please rinse all food residue and flatten all boxes.
Please remove all pumps from plastic containers.
Jul 18 2019

What is really taking up all that space in that landfill?

Quoted in part from www.stumblerz.com/recycling-fun-facts/

Recyclable Paper

All those magazines, newspapers and boxes made from cardboard and paper, are the most thrown away material.  These materials can be remade into new paper products.

17 of our lovely, oxygen producing trees have to be cut down to produce about 1 ton of paper.

More and more people are joining in to recycle paper products.  We all need to do our part to avoid putting things in the landfill that are so easily recycled.  Paper is the easy one.  We need to do this together.

50 million tons of paper are used each year.  Save the trees!!

Boxes that toys or shoes come in can be recycled to make new cartons for cereal boxes, soap boxes, soda cartons and the so important PIZZA BOXES. If that doesn't inspire you, I don't know what will.

An acre of trees can be preserved by recycling 1 ton of paper products.

37 percent of our garbage is comprised of paper products.

PLEASE - Let's get serious!!!


Jul 18 2019

Equipment is big in our industry and having the proper equipment is even bigger.  Recently, we replaced our old Ameri-Shred shredder with a new Ameri-Shred Series 4.  The old unit was rated for 4,000 pounds an hour.  The new one can do 10,000 pounds and has the capabilities to shred hardcover books among other things, the old shredder couldn’t.

At present, our employees are unable to keep up with this amazing machine.  The speed and output are 5 times greater than the old machine allowing us the ability to process more material in an 8 hour shift.

Our Ameri-Shred 4000 was operated for 12 hours per day to keep up with the volume of material, whereas the Ameri-Shred 10,000 currently is averaging 6 hours a day.  We expect the hours to decrease once we have effectively increased the efficiency of the machine.