Jul 18 2019
It is important for everyone to have an understanding of what items in your home are recyclable. Below you will find a list of those items by area of your home so that it will be easy for you to gather up these items on recycle day. If you have questions, please checkout this website at www.crownshredandrecycling.com
The Laundry Room
*Bleach bottles *Laundry soap containers *Spot remover bottles *Plastic hangers *Dry cleaning plastic bags *Plastic Laundry baskets *Fabric sheet box * Fabric softener bottles, *Softener Salt bags
* Metal hangers
The Bathroom
* Tissue boxes *Toilet paper cores *Q-tip box *Soap boxes
*Shampoo bottles *Body wash bottles *Conditioner bottles * Plastic Hair spray bottles ( No Pumps ) *Plastic shaving containers  *Hand lotion bottles (No pumps) *Mouth wash bottle *deodorant container (actual deodorant removed)
The Kitchen
* Milk cartons *Creamer cartons *Paper egg cartons *Cereal boxes *Junk mail *Magazines *Newspaper *Pizza boxes – unsoiled *Juice Tetras *Soup and broth Tetras *Pet food bags ( Paper)
*Milk Jugs *Creamer bottles *Juice bottles *Yogurt containers *Salad dressing containers *Plastic bags inside cereal and cracker boxes *Plastic cookie and muffin containers *Plastic grocery bags *condiment bottles *Vinegar jugs *Pet food bags ( Plastic ) *Clean food wrap *cereal bags *Rice and pasta bags *Bubble wrap *Shrink wrap ( Off of bottled water/soup )
*Soup cans *Vegetable cans *Pet food cans *Aluminum and tin cans *Pie tins *Juice cans *
*Glass jars and bottles (Some restrictions apply)
The Den
*Office Paper *Catalogues *Phone Books *Sticky notes *Scrap paper
*Plastic wrappers
The Garage
* Cardboard boxes flattened *Paper bags
*Plastic bags *Plastic wrapping *windshield washer bottles *
Please rinse all food residue and flatten all boxes.
Please remove all pumps from plastic containers.
Jul 18 2019

The term "Styrofoam" is actually a Dow Chemical Co. trademarked form of polystyrene foam insulation.

Only about five percent of a foam package is polystyrene; the rest is air.

The Benefits

Styrofoam has an insulating quality that helps keep food warm.  It is also light weight and has high durability and strength making it an excellent packaging material.

The Downside

Styrofoam is made from petroleum.  In its production process, a carcinogenic chemical known as benzene is used.  Due to the presence of benzene it is inevitable that food in direct contact could be affected.

Furthermore, Styrofoam is hardly biodegradable.  In the absence of a suitable solvent it can last almost forever.

Styrofoam is often space-consuming.  It is estimated that by volume, it takes up as much as thirty percent of landfills worldwide.

Now - The Good News!!

In Saskatchewan, Crown Shred & Recycling Inc. collects and markets Styrofoam for re-use in the manufacturing of non - food related goods.

When preparing Styrofoam for recycling, please remember to remove all debris and break up the material into smaller pieces.

For further information and contact information, please visit our website at: www.crownshredandrecycling.com

Jul 18 2019

Last week we shipped a 53ft semi trailer loaded with used 4" black HDPE pipe.  This was a first for us in a couple of ways.  First, we loaded the trailer with loose pipe from the site of one of our customers.  Secondly, we have never recycled or handled this type of material before.  After we confirmed the make of the pipe, we researched the validity of recycling such material and found there is a market for this.  We approached one processor of plastics in Vancouver and asked if they would be interested in such a load and they certainly were.  So we loaded the trailer front to back, floor to ceiling, as best as we could.  After 4 hours we had a full load and off it went to the coast.  This was a first for us but certainly will not be a last. 

We are always on the lookout for new ways to recycle, new products to recycle and new ideas.

As a recycler, I have a queston for you, what is the one thing you would like to see changed/added to recycling?

This could be the recycling of a new product, a change to how we provide service, or just an idea.  We would love to hear your feedback, be it positive or negative we want to hear it. 

Jul 18 2019

So I went to the landfill the other day to dispose of a non-recyclable item on a day when the wind was going 80 kilometer per hour. I was absolutely shocked to see thousands of plastic bags hanging on the fence along with the thousands more that were airborne and heading that way.  You have been there!  You have seen it!!

Plastic bags are very much a recyclable item.  My goodness, when are we going to realize that we need to do something about this!

The thing is, It's so easy!!!  SAVE IT!  DELIVER IT!  SIGNUP!!  Pick one!!  Please just do not put them in the garbage bin.

A friend of mine was telling me the other day that he couldn't get his kids to recycle.  I sympathized with him and said: "You know, I do believe that the children should learn how to recycle at home".  As my buddy Jeff always says: "Let's have some fun with this"; how about starting a contest with some friends by seeing how many plastic bags you can put into an ordinary grocery bag or my favourite, how many yogurt containers can you can put in a grocery bag?  We'll leave the prizes up to Mom and Dad.