Jul 18 2019

The term "Styrofoam" is actually a Dow Chemical Co. trademarked form of polystyrene foam insulation.

Only about five percent of a foam package is polystyrene; the rest is air.

The Benefits

Styrofoam has an insulating quality that helps keep food warm.  It is also light weight and has high durability and strength making it an excellent packaging material.

The Downside

Styrofoam is made from petroleum.  In its production process, a carcinogenic chemical known as benzene is used.  Due to the presence of benzene it is inevitable that food in direct contact could be affected.

Furthermore, Styrofoam is hardly biodegradable.  In the absence of a suitable solvent it can last almost forever.

Styrofoam is often space-consuming.  It is estimated that by volume, it takes up as much as thirty percent of landfills worldwide.

Now - The Good News!!

In Saskatchewan, Crown Shred & Recycling Inc. collects and markets Styrofoam for re-use in the manufacturing of non - food related goods.

When preparing Styrofoam for recycling, please remember to remove all debris and break up the material into smaller pieces.

For further information and contact information, please visit our website at: www.crownshredandrecycling.com