Dec 06 2011

I ran into some friends of mine the other day.  Mary and Chris said that they read my blogs all the time but were interested in the shredding and recycling of electronic media but couldn’t find any information about it.  I explained to them the processes that we use and we talked about what items we could shred.  Some of the items were recyclable but it really depended on what materials that were involved.

I thought they had some really good questions and I suggested to them that I would write a blog about this.

So Mary and Chris, this blog is for you!!!

I know that there are many of you who have the same questions.  We can shred almost anything that is deemed confidential.  Items such as CDs, DVDs, cassette tapes, micro fiche and data tapes are easily destroyed.

We can also shred cell phones, BlackBerry smartphones, fax machines, computer hard drives, complete computers and industrial hard drives.  Some of these items have recyclable materials in them and are recycled if possible.

Our Sales Team have had some odd requests.  We have shredded things like flak jackets, tasers, shoes, knives, breast prostheses, and false teeth impressions.  So as you can see we shred almost anything.

One of our main functions at Crown Shred & Recycling is confidential document destruction.  We are able to destroy all forms of paper in addition to all our electronic media.

If there are some items that you wish to have destroyed , please contact our Commercial Sales department and they will be able to help you.  They can be contacted on this website at

Nov 07 2011

So, my 21 month old nephew likes to stack things. It could be rolls of paper towel or toilet paper, or him on top of the cats, but he likes to stack. So my mom being the one to not disappoint her only grandchild heads to Toys “R” Us last Friday to find some blocks. I don’t find out about this until my nephew and I get to my mother’s Friday and she asks me to get something she bought for E out of the trunk. I got super excited when I saw the stackable blocks and then a little pre-exhausted when I realized they were like bankers’ boxes and we had to assemble them ourselves. It was fun though, because as we made the blocks E started to play and loved every minute of it.

But now, to the reason for this blog and how it’s relevant to Crown Shred & Recycling…everything about the toy is recyclable. I felt like a super nerd for getting so excited, but I told my mom right away what a great blog it would be to pump the tires of Melissa & Doug for making the toy and Toys "R" Us for selling it. My mom and I finished putting the blocks together and I was cleaning up and it just hit me that everything went into the blue bins in the basement. No waste. The blocks themselves are made of cardboard which is recyclable, the plastic wrap the unassembled blocks were wrapped in is recyclable, the 1 sheet of paper the instructions came on is recyclable and of course the box everything came in is recyclable. So basically what I’m saying is good job! That is definitely one toy I am proud of my mom for purchasing. Its hours of fun, they are said to last a long time as they are durable and they won’t clutter up the landfill when my step-dad, "I mean nephew", gets too old for them! Click here for the link to the blocks on the Toys “R” Us website because as we are all well aware, Christmas is coming. Happy shopping everyone!

Nov 01 2011

If you ever wanted to know where you can recycle your paper, plastic, tin, glass, bottles and cans, electronics, oil materials, tires, paint and much much more, look no further!!  Check out the information at: for more information.

The following are direct recycling links:

Paper, Plastic, Tin, Glass -

Confidential Document Destruction:

Bottles & Cans -

Electronics - SWEEP -

Oil Materials -

Tires -

Paint -

And Much More -

Please check out these specific sites for all your recycling needs


Nov 01 2011

Crown Shred & Recycling is pleased to be able to provide the citizens of Regina an update on the release information on the Request for Proposals for the Collection and Processing of Recyclable materials; the release date is scheduled for mid-November, 2011.  The RFP will be open to the public for bidding for two months and then closing for the RFP's will be mid-February 2012. The city has set aside two complete months to deliberate and interview potentially successful bidders.

The recycling initiative is to be introduced to the citizens of Regina beginning July 2nd, 2013.  We ask that our current customers visit our website frequently for updates to this future plan.

Crown Shred & Recycling Inc. congratulates the citizens of Regina, City Administration, City Council and Mayor Fiacco, for forging the way on mandatory curbside recycling.

Jack Shaw

President & CEO

Crown Shred & Recycling Inc.

Sep 30 2011

Jack Shaw of Crown Shred & Recycling said in a Leader Post interview that his company is not going to respond to the Collection RFP in the citywide curbside recycling service in the City of Regina. Instead, Crown Shred & Recycling is going to apply for the materials recycling facility that will handle the material from the collector.

Crown Shred & Recycling wants to assure our existing customers that a comprehensive plan is in place to provide full service to them until the City plan goes into place in your area.

Please check out the Leader Post Link before for more information about the city's decision.