Sep 20 2011

Our household of four recently switched to the curbside garbage collection as mandated by the City of Regina.  As we are staunch recyclers with the Crown Shred & Recycling Curbside program, we determined that switching from a back lane large garbage container to a 95 gallon Rolling Bin was no big deal.

So it's been two weeks of curbside garbage collection and we have had a total of four bags of garbage.  I looked in the bin this morning as I rolled it out to the curb and in it was only one bag of garbage.  AMAZING!!!  Remember, four adults in the household generated only one bag of garbage this week!

Now, we are fortunate that we have a small garden so we are able to compost our fruit and vegetable waste.  We have mulched our grass clippings for years so we are not faced with bags and bags of grass and leaf clippings.

I presume that we will have to at some point in time hire someone to remove old furniture or some other debri, but there is a "Good News" story for anyone who is faced with an overflowing rolling bin of garbage each week.  The solution is so simple.  Please call the folks at Crown Shred & Recycling and let them make your life easier.  It is a known fact that they can reduce your household waste by 85%.  That's big when you now only have a small rolling bin to discard your garbage.

You are on the website now.  Go to the "Our Services" link to gather more information or call Gloria at 306-543-5961.



Sep 15 2011

Her name is Lisa!!

Her supervisor describes her as having wonderful qualities.  She is "dedicated to the company".  "She is a quick thinker".  "She is always willing to help others".  "She is a multi-tasker".  All these qualities make Lisa one of the most personable people on the Crown Shred & Recycling team.

When you ask Lisa about her job and what her favourite part of her job is, she says "I love dealing with the truckers who come in every day with smiles on their faces".  She also likes working with the rest of the staff to complete the daily tasks.

You see, Lisa is truly a multi-tasker when her day consists of answering the telephones meanwhile weighing a truck on the scale.  She then has to complete the trucker's paperwork to ensure that he has all necessary documents to allow him to cross the Canadian/ US border.  When all this is going on, a customer will walk in requiring assistance or a another staff member will ask for information that only she can provide at this time.

You see, Lisa does all this and just keeps on smiling!!

Yes she is good!  We are lucky to have her on our team!!

Aug 29 2011

Vern is his name.  A real likeable guy.

According to his supervisor Kelly, Vern is an extremely dedicated employee who thrives on getting the job done correctly and on time.

You see, Vern is one of many employees at Crown Shred & Recycling Inc. who takes pride in his work.  He loads anywhere between 5 to 7 semi-trailers a day with marketable recycled paper, cardboard or plastic.  These loads are destined for mills anywhere in North America depending on the commodity.  Vern has to pay particular attention to how the material is loaded, making sure the trailer is not over-weight or that the material has been properly prepared.

In addition, Vern also unloads several semi-trailers a week arriving from various recycling plants throughout Saskatchewan as well as our own trucks on a daily basis.

In preparation for all this shipping, Vern must separate all the different bales.  He must then de-palletize those bales that come on pallets and weigh each bale before it's loaded.

Vern is also responsible for inventory control of all our bales so you can see he is one busy guy.  He ships approximately 8 different commodities to various mills.

Vern likes to be busy so when the opportunity presents itself, he will work through breaks just to get the semi drivers on the road.

WOW!!  What a guy!!

Aug 22 2011

The term "Styrofoam" is actually a Dow Chemical Co. trademarked form of polystyrene foam insulation.

Only about five percent of a foam package is polystyrene; the rest is air.

The Benefits

Styrofoam has an insulating quality that helps keep food warm.  It is also light weight and has high durability and strength making it an excellent packaging material.

The Downside

Styrofoam is made from petroleum.  In its production process, a carcinogenic chemical known as benzene is used.  Due to the presence of benzene it is inevitable that food in direct contact could be affected.

Furthermore, Styrofoam is hardly biodegradable.  In the absence of a suitable solvent it can last almost forever.

Styrofoam is often space-consuming.  It is estimated that by volume, it takes up as much as thirty percent of landfills worldwide.

Now - The Good News!!

In Saskatchewan, Crown Shred & Recycling Inc. collects and markets Styrofoam for re-use in the manufacturing of non - food related goods.

When preparing Styrofoam for recycling, please remember to remove all debris and break up the material into smaller pieces.

For further information and contact information, please visit our website at:

Aug 15 2011

There are several reasons why it may make sense to recycle vinyl siding. First, the material is generated in significant quantities. The Vinyl Siding Institute (VSI) claims that approximately 6 % is waste.

Second, there appears to be a strong demand for recovered vinyl. Where is the demand coming from? Typically, recovered vinyl is sold to manufacturers of such things as sewer pipe, electrical conduits, irrigation pipe, outdoor furniture, fencing, garden hoses, floor mat backings, molded tool handles and tarps.

Third, there may be economic incentive to recycle vinyl siding. By diverting substantial amounts of siding from landfills, installers and customers can be saved from paying tipping fees. Most pre-consumer scrap is clean which makes it even more desireable to recycle.