Jun 03 2011

Plastic for Recycle

Quoted in part from www.stumblerz.com/recycling-fun-facts

Plastic is a big issue.  There are seven different types of plastics that make up objects and containers we use everyday.

Here is where we take a little turn in the road.  If you have been following our website www.crownshredandrecycling.com, you will notice that we manufacture plastic planks.  Do you remember my blog about "The Day in the Life of a Yogurt Container"?  I am sure you do!  It is interesting how a yogurt container can end up being a picnic table made out of plastic.

There are so many uses for all the household plastics.  It is important that you buy products that display the number of the plastic in the triangle so recyclers will know what kind of plastic it is.

Every year the number of recycling businesses grow.  There are over 17,000 plastic recycling centers waiting for your plastics.

Besides plastic fence posts and planks, all of these materials can be reused and made into new products for mattress filling, absorbing products (sponges), wadding, and felt that is used to create fiber for clothing.

Let's make it happen!!


May 30 2011

What is really taking up all that space in that landfill?

Quoted in part from www.stumblerz.com/recycling-fun-facts/

Recyclable Paper

All those magazines, newspapers and boxes made from cardboard and paper, are the most thrown away material.  These materials can be remade into new paper products.

17 of our lovely, oxygen producing trees have to be cut down to produce about 1 ton of paper.

More and more people are joining in to recycle paper products.  We all need to do our part to avoid putting things in the landfill that are so easily recycled.  Paper is the easy one.  We need to do this together.

50 million tons of paper are used each year.  Save the trees!!

Boxes that toys or shoes come in can be recycled to make new cartons for cereal boxes, soap boxes, soda cartons and the so important PIZZA BOXES. If that doesn't inspire you, I don't know what will.

An acre of trees can be preserved by recycling 1 ton of paper products.

37 percent of our garbage is comprised of paper products.

PLEASE - Let's get serious!!!


May 19 2011

So I went to the landfill the other day to dispose of a non-recyclable item on a day when the wind was going 80 kilometer per hour. I was absolutely shocked to see thousands of plastic bags hanging on the fence along with the thousands more that were airborne and heading that way.  You have been there!  You have seen it!!

Plastic bags are very much a recyclable item.  My goodness, when are we going to realize that we need to do something about this!

The thing is, It's so easy!!!  SAVE IT!  DELIVER IT!  SIGNUP!!  Pick one!!  Please just do not put them in the garbage bin.

A friend of mine was telling me the other day that he couldn't get his kids to recycle.  I sympathized with him and said: "You know, I do believe that the children should learn how to recycle at home".  As my buddy Jeff always says: "Let's have some fun with this"; how about starting a contest with some friends by seeing how many plastic bags you can put into an ordinary grocery bag or my favourite, how many yogurt containers can you can put in a grocery bag?  We'll leave the prizes up to Mom and Dad.


May 12 2011

You Can Help

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Here's a few easy and simple ways to help save the environment. 

1.  Eat less meat.  I'm not suggesting for you world-savers to become vegetarians because personally I do love a good steak every once in a while, but by even cutting back with your meat consumption you are helping the environment.  Factory farms are a major source of energy consumption, as it's very expensive to raise all those animals and feed them

2.  Clean Green.  Join the "clean green" movement by buying natural or organic cleaning products, or by using inexpensive household products like vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice. These products are less toxic for your home, family and pets. They are also better for the environment than products that use harsh chemicals that end up in our air, ground soil and water supplies.

3.  Go Paperless.  You can cut down on paper use by paying bills and conducting transactions online. Try to cut down on the number of junk mail lists you are on, though this can be a challenge.

May 02 2011

In our industry the one constant we can always count on is the amount of recyclables being brought to our door.  There really isn't a slow time of year, but there are peaks around Christmas and the fall season.  We usually have between 15 - 25 trucks delivering loose material each day Monday to Saturday. 

Cory says: "We could have a truck rodeo in our yard some days!"

 Our yard is a busy place and sometimes room is scarce but we always find a way to handle all the trucks . The ability of our people is the key.

Most of the material brought in goes over our sortline and all the material goes through our baler.  We average about 2700 bales a month with each bale averaging 1200 lbs.  That is alot of material that goes through our facility. 

Vern, The Master Shipper, says that he loads those bales before the wire is even tight!!!