Apr 26 2011

Almost any material can be recycled in some way. The most popular items that are recycled are paper, plastic and metals.

Now, I know what you're thinking. Why should I take a few extra brain cells to make the effort to recycle?

Well, there are different strokes for different folks. But one reason we should all agree on is to conserve our resources for the future. Another important reason is to save energy.


Fact: 6.5 million tons of carbons by emissions are eliminated when 7 million tons of metals are recycled. It's like removing 5 million cars off the roads for a year.

Fact: The amount of aluminum cans thrown away in a 3 month period can make enough metal to rebuild a whole fleet of commercial airplanes.

Fact: Tin is another metal that has great value. Did you know that tin, when recycled, is so pure it can be used as stannous fluoride, it is the stuff that fights cavities in our toothpaste? ON GUARD! Say, those little tooth defenders, with their tin swords!!

Quoted in part from www.stumblerz.com/recycling-fun-facts/

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Apr 25 2011

Do you realize how much waste a household can produce in one day? Every day you throw things away that can be recycled to preserve the environment.

Fact: 1 ton of your soda cans can be recycled and save 207 million BTUs. That  is equal to 36 barrels of oil, or 1,655 gallons of gas.

Fact: 1 soda can, recycled, can be converted into energy to give you 3 hours of TV time.

Fact: 95% of energy that is used to produce cans from virgin ore, can be saved by recycling aluminum cans.

Fact: Recycling also limits gas emissions that are causing the greenhouse effect.

Quoted in part from www.stumblerz.com/recycling-fun-facts/


Apr 11 2011

Morning - Yogurt consumed by three people packing lunches for work and school.

Noon - Empty yogurt container along with other recyclables is picked up by a Crown Shred & Recycling truck.

Afternoon - The yogurt container along with other plastic containers is melted into a plank ready for a nice picnic table.

Now that's recycling and re-using!!

Why don't you try it?

Apr 20 2011

Did You Know??

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Did you know you can recycle electronic items like computers?  Sarcan takes them, so don’t take them to the dump.


Did you know you can recycle ink cartridges?  Yep, you can take them back to Island Ink-Jet and they will reuse the cartridges whenever they can or Staples has an Ink and Toner Program too.


Did you know you can recycle the tabs from pop and beer cans?  Absolutely!!  They make wheelchairs.  Wheelchairs!!!  So set up a container on your fridge or by the bag you put your cans in and spend an extra couple minutes and save your tabs!  You’re not only helping the environment, you’re helping a person in need.


Did you know you can recycle paint cans?  Sarcan takes those too!

Mar 29 2011

Equipment is big in our industry and having the proper equipment is even bigger.  Recently, we replaced our old Ameri-Shred shredder with a new Ameri-Shred Series 4.  The old unit was rated for 4,000 pounds an hour.  The new one can do 10,000 pounds and has the capabilities to shred hardcover books among other things, the old shredder couldn’t.

At present, our employees are unable to keep up with this amazing machine.  The speed and output are 5 times greater than the old machine allowing us the ability to process more material in an 8 hour shift.

Our Ameri-Shred 4000 was operated for 12 hours per day to keep up with the volume of material, whereas the Ameri-Shred 10,000 currently is averaging 6 hours a day.  We expect the hours to decrease once we have effectively increased the efficiency of the machine.